Touch Color Effects - Change Image Colors, Splash Black & White to Camera Photos App Reviews

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Great tool

Quick & easy to use


Amazing application

Nice tool for your phone

Easy to use


I really like it!

Easy to use

A great program that is very easy to use.

I Love It

Touch Color Effects is so easy to use. The different sized brushes make painting so easy. Thank You


I say this is one of my favorite apps I like to use to make pictures more interesting and beautiful =3


Mucho coolio


Great software - brings out the creativity in me

Just writing for an upgrade

I have no comments


This is great for editing!!!

Ok not very user friendly

U don't get the one touch color until u up grade and it could b free or cost ur few dollars just depending on day of wk

Not what I thought it was...

I thought this app was just for color editing, but you only use the original colors or black and white. Also, it was kind of hard to control where you're coloring. But if your not coloring anything detailed, this app should help.


Good and very good


Great app

Love it!

Works great


It seems good!

Fun and easy

I absolutely love this app. It's so easy use.

Love the game

I love this game my daughter loves the app.

Love it

Great app


Cool app

Great photo app

Works amazing for creating the best color effects


Awesome app!


Need the upgrade to access the colors.

Great app

This app does actually as it describes easy to use.


Great app!


Only rating because I want to upgrade

Very nice

Works well

Touch of Life

Making my world brighter & more colorful one swipe @ a tyme. Luv this app!


I love how you can zoom in and out. It makes using the app much easier.


Good app

Great app

Great app

Really Cool

I love it!!!


This is a pretty cool app and can help add something extra to your photos if your looking for that. It has a nice feature to allow you to zoom in, so you can easily color in difficult features like lips and whatnot. Pretty much what was expected.



Touch Color

It is such a great app to use


Good job

Awesome tool

Great tool

Good app

Very creative!


I love it!


It could be way better in so many ways.


Awesome app


Easy to use


Omg so cool

Exactly what I am looking for

I own a small business. And work with lots of photos. Retouching and changing. I wanted an app where I change the color of something. Now if you want to change the color you must upgrade. But I was looking to spend a lot more than what I ended up paying. So thank you for that!!!!

Good app

Works great so far!




I have tried of you on this one by far is the best


I wanted to change the color on some photos and it works perfectly.

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